We want you to feel comfortable and cared for throughout your orthodontic treatment. Patients at Ewing Orthodontics enjoy a personalized approach from their very first visit. You can read about some of our patients’ experiences on our page of patient testimonials.

What to Expect during Your First Visit

When beginning orthodontic treatment at Ewing Orthodontics, Dr. Ewing and his professional staff look forward to meeting with you. We will make a diagnosis and treatment plan and help you formulate a payment schedule that works best for you.


In order to provide a thorough diagnosis and develop a customized orthodontic treatment plan, Dr. Ewing uses the most advanced technology available. Our team will take two types of X-rays of your mouth and face: panoramic X-rays to view the whole mouth and jaw, including unerupted teeth, roots, nerves, joints, and missing or misplaced teeth, and cephalometric X-rays to show the growth patterns of the jaw. We will also take diagnostic digital photographs. This information allows us to recognize problems we need to address for your treatment.

Treatment Plan

A variety of orthodontic treatment options are available at Ewing Orthodontics. With your input, Dr. Ewing will customize your treatment plan to fit your needs and lifestyle. If traditional braces or Invisalign® is an appropriate treatment for you, you may begin your treatment that same day. Impressions of your teeth will need to be taken to begin the customization process.

Payment Plan

When you decide to undergo orthodontic treatment, our staff will work with you to create an interest-free financing plan that will work for you.

Contact the Offices of Ewing Orthodontics

We strive to provide excellent orthodontic treatment at Ewing Orthodontics. If you would like to schedule a free consultation to explore your treatment options, contact our orthodontic office today!